The WAO Way: 
A Dedication to Excellence &  Innovation.


Our Story: Charting a Path of Excellence

Our Story: Charting a Path of Excellence. 

Since being founded on July 1st, 2015, by Jeri and Marlon Wambeek, WAO has established itself as a leader in cloud-based solution implementation. 

Our journey is marked by a commitment to innovation and excellence in the realm of powerful cloud-based systems like Odoo ERP, catering to a diverse range of clients across industries.

The WAO Approach: Tailored, Empathetic, & 

Our approach at WAO is deeply rooted in understanding the unique needs of each client, particularly in the context of Odoo ERP implementation. 

We believe in a tailored and empathetic approach that align with our client’s business objectives, underscored by our commitment to providing comprehensive support and expert advice no matter where you are at on your Odoo journey.

The WAO Approach: Tailored, Empathetic, &  Effective

Our Core Values: 
The Heart of WAO.  


People First

At WAO, we put people at the forefront, recognizing that the success of every business hinges on its people. 
We cultivate a supportive and inclusive environment for our team and clients, nurturing growth and creativity.



Building trust through transparency 
and integrity is fundamental to our work. 
We ensure open communication 
with our clients about the progress and challenges of their projects.



Our ability to adapt and pivot in a 
constantly evolving technological 
landscape underlines our resilience. 
We embrace change, as shown in our seamless adaptation to new ERP 
systems and methodologies.



Our relentless pursuit of excellence is evident in every aspect of our service delivery and customer support. 
We aim to not just meet but exceed expectations.



Collaboration is key to our success. 
We foster a culture of shared ideas and collective problem-solving, which is evident in our team's efforts to overcome complex challenges.

Comprehensive Odoo Services: 
From Idea to Continous Innovation.

Our specialization in Odoo ERP spans a multitude of industries, from 
e-commerce to manufacturing. We empower businesses with Odoo's flexible and comprehensive capabilities to enhance efficiency and drive growth.

Odoo ERP: A Solution for Every Industry. 

  Step. 1


Understanding your business needs to propose the most efficient Odoo solutions.

  Step. 2

Implementation & Training

Meticulously testing and customizing Odoo ERP to fit your unique business processes, followed by personalized training and seamless system integration.

  Step. 3


Extended customer care ensuring your continued satisfaction with your Odoo ERP system.

  Step. 4

Continuous Innovation

Keeping you updated with the latest Odoo features and advancements to continually enhance your business operations.

Embark on 
Your Odoo Journey 
with WAO. 

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