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Integrating SMS into Your Business Strategy.

Integrating SMS into Your Business Strategy.

SMS marketing is a powerful tool to enhance customer engagement and operational efficiency. 

WAODigital specialises in integrating Odoo SMS into your business processes at various levels, catering to both newcomers and experienced users of SMS marketing. Our approach ensures that you can leverage SMS effectively, no matter your current level of familiarity.

Levels of 
Odoo SMS Usage

Basic Usage

Level 1, 
Basic Usage:

  • Ideal for businesses just starting with SMS marketing.
  • Use cases include sending appointment reminders, shipping notifications, and manual updates on product dispatch.
  • Simple and straightforward, requiring minimal setup. 

Intermediate Automation

Level 2, 
Intermediate Automation:

  • For businesses ready to expand their SMS capabilities.
  • Automate SMS notifications for order confirmations, delivery updates, or customer feedback requests.
  • Integration with Odoo’s CRM and Sales modules for automated customer communication based on specific triggers.

Advanced Integration and Campaigns

Level 3, 
Advanced Integration & Campaigns:

  • Suited for businesses fully utilizing Odoo’s potential.
  • Launch targeted SMS marketing campaigns, integrate with eCommerce for cart abandonment messages, and utilize segmentation for personalized communication.
  • Advanced analytics and tracking of SMS campaign effectiveness. 

Understanding Odoo SMS in  
Australia and New Zealand.  

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the limitations of using Odoo SMS?

While Odoo SMS is highly versatile, limitations include message character limits and dependency on internet connectivity for sending/receiving messages. 

Additionally, SMS is text-only, so it's important to complement it with other communication channels as needed.

Costs for Odoo SMS vary based on usage. Generally, it involves a 
per-message cost, which can differ based on carrier rates in Australia and New Zealand. 

We recommend reviewing current carrier rates for precise cost estimations and budget planning.

Yes, Odoo SMS supports message personalization and allows for segmentation, enabling you to tailor messages to different customer groups for more effective communication.

Odoo provides analytics tools to track delivery rates, open rates, and response rates of SMS campaigns, giving you insights into their effectiveness and areas for improvement.

At WAODigital, we understand the unique landscape of digital communication in Australia and New Zealand. 

Our expertise in Odoo SMS allows us to offer solutions that are not just technically sound but also strategically aligned with your business goals. 

Whether you're taking your first steps into SMS marketing or looking to leverage its full potential, we're here to guide you every step of the way..

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