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Seamless Business Communication with Odoo to EDI Integration.

Seamless Business Communication with Odoo to EDI Integration.

At WAOConnect, we specialise in integrating Odoo with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) systems, creating a seamless bridge for business communications. 

This integration ensures efficient, accurate, and automated exchange of critical business documents between your Odoo ERP system and your trading partners.

Odoo & EDI: Enhancing Business Efficiency

Automated Data Exchange

Integrating Odoo with EDI automates the exchange of business documents, such as purchase orders, invoices, and shipping notices, reducing manual effort and errors.

Real-Time Information Flow

Experience real-time data flow between your business and external partners, enhancing responsiveness and decision-making.

Standardised Communications

EDI integration standardises business communications, ensuring consistency and compliance across different trading networks..

Odoo & EDI: Enhancing Business Efficienc

Streamlined Transactions


Simplify and speed up business transactions with automated, electronic document exchange.

Reduced Errors & Costs

Errors & Costs

Minimise manual data entry errors and reduce operational costs associated with paper-based processes.

Enhanced Compliance


Ensure compliance with industry standards and trading partner requirements through standardized EDI formats.

Benefits of Integrating Odoo with EDI.  

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Improved Partner Relationships

Improved Partner Relationships

Enhance relationships with trading partners through efficient, reliable, and accurate data exchange.

WAOConnect’s Expertise in Odoo to EDI Integration.

Customised Integration Solutions

Our team tailors the EDI integration to fit your specific business requirements and workflows.

Deep Understanding of EDI Standards

We bring expertise in various EDI standards and protocols, ensuring a smooth integration with your trading partners.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Benefit from WAOConnect’s continuous support and maintenance to keep your EDI integration running smoothly.

WAOConnect’s Expertise in Odoo to EDI Integration

Training & 

Post-integration, we provide comprehensive training to your 
team for efficient use of the 
integrated EDI system.

Seamless Integration 

Our experts carry out the integration process, ensuring that your Odoo system communicates effectively with EDI networks.

Implementing Odoo to 
EDI Integration.

Needs Analysis & Strategy Development

We begin with a thorough analysis 
of your business needs and develop a strategic integration plan.

Leverage the power of Odoo to EDI integration to transform your business communications and transactions. 

Join forces with WAOConnect to integrate these powerful tools and unlock new levels of efficiency and collaboration in your business operations.

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Your Business Potential with Odoo to EDI.