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Overcoming the Challenges of Custom Reporting in Odoo.

Overcoming the 
Challenges of Custom 
Reporting in Odoo.

Customising reports in Odoo can be a complex task, often requiring expertise in developer mode operations, Python coding, and software development. 

At WAOAnalytics, we specialise in creating custom Odoo reports that meet your specific business requirements, saving you the hassle and technical overhead.

The Complexities of 
Custom Reports in Odoo. 

The Complexities of Custom Reports in Odoo 

Technical Expertise Required

Standard reporting in Odoo offers limited customisation options. Advanced customisations typically require access to developer mode and a solid understanding of Python programming.

Business-Specific Needs

Each business has unique reporting needs. Off-the-shelf reports may not always capture the specific metrics and formats required for informed decision-making.

Our Custom Report Solutions

Bespoke Report Design 

We design and develop custom reports that fit your exact business specifications, whether it's detailed financial analysis, operational efficiency metrics, or customer behavior insights.

No Need for In-House Development

Our team of experts handles all aspects of report customisation, eliminating the need for your team to delve into the complexities of Odoo’s backend.

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Our Custom 
Report Solutions. 

Benefits of Choosing WAOAnalytics 
for Odoo Custom Reports.


Get reports that are customised to 
reflect the nuances of your 
business, providing more relevant and actionable insights.

Time & Resource Efficiency

Time & Resource 

Save valuable time and resources 
that would otherwise be spent 
on navigating Odoo’s technical requirements.

Expert Support


Benefit from the knowledge and experience of our team, ensuring that your reports are not only customised but also optimised for performance and clarity.

Tailoring Your Odoo 
Reporting Experience.  

Frequently Asked Questions

We can create a wide range of custom reports, from complex financial statements to detailed operational and customer analytics reports, all tailored to your specific business needs.

Yes, we can set up automated delivery for your custom reports, ensuring you receive timely updates without manual intervention. 

Where scheduled reporting is requested, we use Amazon Quicksight to build your custom reports and scheduled reporting emails.

How does WAOAnalytics ensure the accuracy and reliability 
of custom reports?

Our process includes rigorous testing and validation to ensure that every custom report is accurate, reliable, and provides meaningful insights. 

Don’t let the limitations of standard Odoo reporting constrain your business insights. 

With WAOAnalytics, unlock the full potential of your data through custom reports designed specifically for your business needs.

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