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Odoo ERP Implementation by WAO: Transforming Businesses 
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Why Odoo ERP with WAO?

Why Odoo 
ERP with WAO?​

In today's fast-paced business world, having an ERP system that not only keeps up but also drives efficiency is crucial. 

At WAO, we specialise in Odoo ERP implementations that do just that. Our approach is personalised, practical, and focused on delivering tangible results.

Understanding Your Business: Our First Step.

Every successful Odoo ERP implementation begins with understanding. We dive deep into your business processes, goals, and challenges. 

It's not just about technology; it's about aligning your business strategy with an ERP solution that truly fits.


Understanding Your Business: Our First Step. 

Tailored Implementation Process.  

Training & Support

Training & 

We provide comprehensive training to ensure your team is well-equipped to leverage the new system. Our support extends beyond implementation, ensuring you have continuous assistance whenever you need it.

Assessment & Planning

Assessment & 

We start with a thorough assessment 
of your current systems and processes, identifying the areas where Odoo can bring the most value.

Customized Solution Design

Customised Solution 

Based on the assessment, we design an Odoo ERP solution that aligns with your business needs. Whether it's about refining workflows, integrating different operations, or introducing new functionalities, we tailor everything to your unique requirements.

Meticulous Implementation & Testing

Implementation & Testing

Our team meticulously implements the Odoo ERP system, ensuring every module and function aligns with your business processes. Rigorous testing is conducted to guarantee seamless integration.

Beyond Implementation: Ensuring Continuous Success.

Beyond Implementation: Ensuring Continuous Success. 

Implementing an ERP system is just the beginning. 
We believe in forging long-term partnerships, offering ongoing support and advice to ensure your Odoo ERP system evolves with your business. 

Whether it’s upgrading to the latest features or adapting to new business requirements, we’re here to ensure your ERP system continues to drive growth and efficiency.

Your Odoo ERP Implementation 
Questions Answered.  

Frequently Asked Questions

At WAO, our process is personalised yet straightforward. We focus on understanding your business and your goals, then tailor Odoo to fit into your operations. 

We aim for quick wins that bring significant benefits with minimal disruption, focusing on staged implementations for continuous improvement and innovation.

The duration varies based on your business size and complexity. Our staged implementation approach typically spans three to four months per stage. 

Depending on your needs, it could range from a single stage of a few months to multiple stages spread over up to fifteen months.

Our focus is to align our expertise with your business requirements. Starting with a free discovery call, we move to our Solution Finder service, designed to understand your business's pain points and processes. 

We use your actual data to demonstrate improved workflows in Odoo, ensuring a solution that's tested and proven for your specific needs.

Post-implementation, we believe in offering value-driven support. Our projects include 90 days of unlimited support, after which we assess your needs to provide tailored customer care packages. 

This approach ensures you pay only for the support you need and use, with flexibility to adjust as your requirements change..

Can Odoo ERP be scaled as our business grows?

Absolutely. Odoo's scalability is one of its strengths, with over 40 modules covering various business functions. 

We start by addressing your immediate needs and pain points, setting up a solid foundation in Odoo. 

As your business grows, we scale and adapt the system to meet your evolving needs, ensuring a solution that grows with you.

Start Your Odoo ERP Journey with WAO.

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