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Simplifying Marketing Automation

Simplifying Marketing 


In the fast-paced business environment, effective marketing is key to growth and customer engagement. 

WAODigital's expertise in Odoo Marketing Automation makes it easy for businesses in Australia and New Zealand to leverage advanced marketing techniques, like drip email campaigns, even if they have only basic experience with email marketing.

What is Drip Email 

Drip Email Marketing

It is a strategy that involves sending a series of automated emails based on specific timelines or user actions. Think of it as setting up a sequence of messages that are triggered by certain criteria, such as a customer signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase.

Understanding Drip Email Marketing

Understanding Drip 
Email Marketing

Benefits for Your Business. 

Increased Efficiency


Automate repetitive tasks, 
freeing up your time to focus on 
other aspects of your 

Personalization & Relevance

Personalization & Relevance

Tailor messages based on customer actions, ensuring higher relevance and engagement.

Engagement Over Time

Over Time

Drip campaigns keep your audience engaged by providing timely and relevant information over a period.

Setting Up Drip 

Campaigns with Odoo.

Odoo’s User-Friendly Platform

Allows you to easily set up and manage drip campaigns, even if you're just used to sending monthly emails.

Integration with CRM

Seamlessly connect your email campaigns with customer data in your CRM, ensuring personalized and targeted communication.

No Technical Expertise Required

The intuitive interface of Odoo means you don’t 
need in-depth marketing knowledge to set up effective campaigns.

Setting Up Drip Campaigns with Odoo.

Getting Started with Odoo 
Marketing Automation.  

Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of marketing automation can I do with Odoo?

Beyond drip campaigns, Odoo Marketing Automation allows for 
event-triggered emails, lead nurturing, customer segmentation, and more, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for dynamic marketing strategies.

Odoo is designed to be user-friendly. 

Basic tech proficiency is sufficient to start, and our team at WAODigital is here to assist with training and support.

Absolutely! Odoo provides detailed analytics on campaign performance, helping you understand customer engagement and ROI.

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Choose WAODigital for a partner who understands the need for efficient, impactful marketing in today's digital landscape. 

Our expertise with Odoo Marketing Automation empowers businesses to launch sophisticated marketing campaigns with ease, turning potential into profit.