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Custom Odoo Development by WAOBoost: Tailoring Odoo to Your Unique Business Needs.    

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Balancing Standardisation with Customisation

Balancing Standardisation
with Customisation.

At WAOBoost, we understand that while Odoo's standard features are robust and extensive, sometimes your unique business processes or industry requirements demand specialised solutions. 

Our Custom Odoo Development service is designed to provide that extra 'boost'—tailoring the Odoo ERP system to fit your specific needs, while still maintaining the ease of future upgrades.

Why Custom 
Odoo Development?  

Seamless Integration


We ensure that custom 
developments integrate seamlessly with existing Odoo modules, maintaining system integrity and upgradeability.

Process Optimization


If your business has unique processes that aren’t effectively managed by standard Odoo applications, our custom solutions can optimise these processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Industry-Specific Solutions


We recognise that certain industries have unique requirements that standard Odoo modules may not fully address. Our custom development ensures that these specialised needs are met.

Our Approach 
to Custom 
Odoo Development. 

Consultation and Analysis

Understanding your specific business needs and challenges is our first step. This enables us to identify areas where custom development can bring the most value.

Tailored Development

Our team of expert developers crafts solutions that are not just custom but also scalable, maintainable, and aligned with Odoo’s core architecture.

Quality Assurance & Testing

While customising, we focus on minimising the impact on Odoo’s upgradability, ensuring that your system remains adaptable and update-friendly.

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Our Approach to Custom Odoo Development
Minimising Impact on Upgradability

Future-Proof Solutions 

While customising, we focus on minimising the impact on Odoo’s upgradability, ensuring that your system remains adaptable and update-friendly.

Minimising Impact 
on Upgradability. 

Enhancing Your Odoo Experience 
with Custom Development.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom development modifies or extends Odoo’s standard functionalities to address specific business requirements that can't be met with out-of-the-box features.

We develop with upgradability in mind. Our customisations are done carefully to ensure they align with Odoo’s upgrade path.

How long does custom development usually take?

The timeline varies based on the complexity and scope of the 
development. We provide a project timeline after a thorough analysis 
of your requirements.

With WAOBoost, you get the best of both worlds: Odoo’s powerful standard functionalities and custom developments tailored to your unique business requirements. 

Let us help you enhance your Odoo ERP system to perfectly align with your business processes and industry needs.

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