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Expanding Odoo’s Capabilities.    

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Harnessing the Power of Odoo Apps

Harnessing the 
Power of Odoo Apps.

Odoo Apps are a dynamic aspect of the Odoo ecosystem, offering extended functionalities and integrations to enhance your Odoo experience. 

Unlike apps in other systems like Xero or Netsuite, Odoo Apps are additional features or integrations built by Odoo users and partners worldwide. At WAOBoost, we specialise in leveraging these apps to bring customised solutions and seamless integrations to your business operations.

Odoo Apps. 

What Are Odoo Apps?

Odoo Apps are essentially modular extensions or code additions that can be installed into your Odoo system. They allow you to add specific features or integrations without developing them from scratch.

Versatile Functionality

From additional features to integrations with external solutions like Shopify or Xero, Odoo Apps offer an extensive range of functionalities to cater to diverse business needs.

Marketplace Availability

These apps are available on the Odoo App marketplace, where you can find a wide array of solutions developed by the global Odoo community.

Understanding Odoo Apps

The WAOBoost 
Approach to Odoo Apps. 

Expert Integration

With over 15 years of experience in cloud systems and integrations, particularly within the Xero ecosystem, WAOBoost understands how to integrate Odoo Apps effectively.

Customised App Solutions

We help you identify and implement the right Odoo Apps that align with your specific business requirements, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Featured Development - O2X Connector

Our team has developed the O2X connector, an advanced Odoo to Xero integration app, combining the best features from our extensive experience with Xero integrations.

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The WAOBoost Approach to Odoo Apps

Benefits of Using 
Odoo Apps.  

Streamlined Business Processes

Streamlined Business Processes

Improve efficiency and streamline various aspects of your business operations through seamless app integrations..

Cost-Effective Customization


Access custom functionalities 
without the need for extensive in-house development.

Enhanced Odoo Functionality

Enhanced Odoo 

Expand the capabilities of your Odoo system with targeted features and integrations.

Optimising Your Odoo 
System with Apps .  

Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts at WAOBoost can help you assess your business needs and recommend the most suitable Odoo Apps for your operation.

Yes, many Odoo Apps offer a degree of customisation, and our team can assist in tailoring these apps to better align with your business requirements.

Is support available for Odoo Apps?

WAOBoost provides full support for the Odoo Apps we implement, ensuring they integrate smoothly and function as intended within your Odoo environment.

Embrace the full potential of your Odoo ERP system with the right Odoo Apps. 

Whether you need additional features or seamless integrations, WAOBoost has the expertise and experience to transform your Odoo system into a more powerful business tool.

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