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Streamlining Business Operations with Odoo & Employment Hero.

Streamlining Business 
Operations with Odoo & Employment Hero

At WAOConnect, we specialise in integrating Odoo with Employment Hero, combining the powerful, open-source capabilities of Odoo with the streamlined payroll management of Employment Hero. 

This integration offers a comprehensive solution covering a wide range of business needs from CRM to accounting, all in one customisable platform.

The Power of Integration: Odoo & 

Employment Hero. 

The Power of Integration: Odoo & Employment Hero

Extensive Application Range

Odoo’s suite includes CRM, invoicing, project management, manufacturing, warehouse management, human resources, and accounting, addressing every facet of your business operations.

Customisable and Flexible

The integration allows for easy customisation, fitting perfectly into your unique business processes and requirements.

Why Choose Odoo to 
Employment Hero Integration?​ 

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Legal Compliance & STP

Compliance & STP

Stay compliant with Australian legal standards, including Single Touch Payroll (STP) requirements, thanks to Employment Hero Payroll’s robust features.

Seamless Synchronization


Enjoy automatic synchronisation of 
payroll data from Employment Hero Payroll into Odoo, ensuring data accuracy and 
up-to-date records.

Scheduled Synchronization


Control the synchronisation process 
with scheduled actions, choosing time intervals that best suit your business operations.

Easy Configuration


Effortlessly integrate Employment Hero Payroll with Odoo using the localisation module, ensuring a smooth and simple setup process.

Double-Entry Booking System

Booking System

Both systems operate on a double-entry booking principle, ensuring that your financial records are accurate, consistent, and compliant.

Benefits of Integrating Odoo with Employment Hero Payroll.

Unified System

Streamline and centralise your business processes, from HR and payroll to inventory and project management.

Enhanced Efficiency

Reduce manual data entry and administrative tasks, freeing up time to focus on strategic business growth.

Data Accuracy and Consistency

Ensure data integrity across all business areas, from payroll processing to financial reporting.

Benefits of Integrating Odoo with Employment Hero Payroll.

Training & Support

Training & 

Post-integration, we provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to maximise your team’s use of the integrated system.


Our team of experts ensures a 
seamless integration, configuring the systems to work harmoniously.

Implementation Approach​.

Personalized Consultation


We start by understanding your 
specific business needs to tailor the integration process.

Leverage the combined strength of Odoo and Employment Hero with WAOConnect’s expert integration services. 

Elevate your business efficiency, compliance, and data management with this powerful duo.

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