1. What are the 2 GST Accounting Methods?

2. What are the main GST reporting payment cycles?

3. If the client is accounting GST on cash basis, what is the setting that you need to update in Odoo tax codes. Under Advanced Options, Tax Exigibility should be “ Based on Payment” and select the GST Cash basis transition account.  

5. Your client has mistakenly deleted the GST Free Exports tax code from Odoo and he wants you to recreate that tax code in Odoo or need to create an additional tax code similar to the GST Free Exports tax code. What Tax Grids should you use for this tax code? G1 & G2

6. Your client who is registered for Australian GST wants you to create a foreign tax code for exports ( Eg : 21 % Vat). But the base sale value should be recorded under the correct Export tax grids in the tax report with no GST. But at the same time tax liability should go to the vat liability account. Please create this tax code and send a screenshot with the definition tab of the tax code

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