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Odoo Scheduled Reports 
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Timely Insights, Delivered Automatically.   

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Streamlining Report Delivery for Odoo Users

Streamlining Report 
Delivery for Odoo Users.

In the complex business environment, staying updated with regular insights is key to staying ahead. While Odoo itself doesn't natively support scheduled reports without customisation, WAOAnalytics bridges this gap by utilising Amazon QuickSight's robust scheduling features. 

We enable Odoo users to receive automated, timely, and relevant reports, ensuring that stakeholders are always informed with the latest business insights.

The Importance of Scheduled Reporting. 

Timely Decision Making

Regularly scheduled reports ensure that decision-makers have the most current data at their fingertips, enabling timely and informed decisions.


Automated report delivery saves time and resources, removing the need for manual report generation and distribution.

Customised Insights for 
Each Stakeholder

Tailored reports meet the specific informational needs of different stakeholders, enhancing relevance and effectiveness.

The Importance of Scheduled Reporting

Comprehensive Accessibility


Users who are part of your Amazon QuickSight subscription and have completed the sign-up process can receive these reports.

Secure & Personalized Delivery

Secure & Personalised Delivery

QuickSight generates custom email snapshots for each user or group based on their data permissions, ensuring secure and relevant insights.

Flexible Scheduling Options

Flexible Scheduling 

With QuickSight, schedule dashboards in report form to be sent daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, aligning with your business’s reporting needs.

Leveraging Amazon QuickSight for 
Odoo Scheduled Reports. 

Enhancing Your Reporting Experience with WAOAnalytics.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Scheduled reports provide consistent, updated insights from your Odoo data, helping you track performance and make data-driven decisions without manual intervention.

We provide full support in setting up and customising your scheduled reports via QuickSight, ensuring they align with your specific business requirements.

Can I customize the frequency and content of my scheduled 

Absolutely. You can customise both the frequency and the specific content of your reports to ensure they meet your unique business needs.

With WAOAnalytics, transform your Odoo data into a powerful, automated reporting tool. 

Our expertise in integrating Odoo with Amazon QuickSight allows you to receive scheduled, customised, and insightful reports, driving efficiency and informed decision-making.

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