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Employment Hero Payroll 
(EHPayroll) Implementation by WAO.    

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Elevating Payroll Management with Employment Hero Payroll.

Elevating Payroll Management 
with Employment Hero Payroll

Embrace the efficiency and sophistication of Employment Hero Payroll (EHPayroll) integrated into your business framework. 

WAO specialises in implementing EHPayroll, a comprehensive solution born from Employment Hero's strategic acquisition of KeyPay. 

This integration brings together advanced payroll functionalities with Odoo's robust ERP capabilities, streamlining your HR processes and providing all required local compliance for Australian and New Zealand employers.

EHPayroll: Comprehensive Payroll Solution

Automated Payroll Processing

EHPayroll offers automated payroll calculations, ensuring accuracy and compliance with tax regulations.

Employee Self-Service Portal

Facilitate employee engagement through a portal that allows access to leave requests, expense claims, and payslip information.

Real-Time Data Sync with Odoo

Ensure accurate and up-to-date payroll data with real-time synchronisation between Odoo and EHPayroll every pay run.

EHPayroll: Comprehensive Payroll Solution.
The Strategic Acquisition.

The Strategic 

Employment Hero and KeyPay

Employment Hero's acquisition of KeyPay represents a significant step in creating a unified HR and payroll platform. 

This move combines Employment Hero's HR expertise with KeyPay's advanced payroll technology, delivering a more cohesive and powerful solution to businesses.

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Understanding Your Needs

Your Needs

Our first step involves a detailed consultation to understand your unique payroll requirements within the Odoo ecosystem.

Customized Implementation Plan

Implementation Plan

We develop a customised plan that aligns EHPayroll with your existing Odoo setup, ensuring a seamless integration.

WAO’s Tailored Implementation Approach.  

Integration and Configuration

Integration & 

Meticulous attention to detail ensures a smooth integration of EHPayroll, setting up payroll components, employee information, and tax settings.

Comprehensive Training and Support

Training & Support

WAO provides in-depth training and ongoing support to maximise your team’s efficiency with the new system.

Continuous Support & Advancement

Continuous Support & Advancement

Our support extends beyond implementation, with continuous assistance and system enhancements as your business grows

Bespoke Solutions


Recognising the uniqueness of 
each business, we offer tailored 
solutions that meet your specific operational needs.

Why Partner with WAO 
for EHPayroll Implementation?  

Odoo & Payroll Expertise

Odoo & Payroll 

Our expertise in both Odoo and 
advanced payroll systems like 
EHPayroll guarantees a flawless implementation.

Implementing EHPayroll with WAO not only transforms your payroll management but also harmonises it with your overall ERP strategy in Odoo. 

Step into the future of streamlined HR and financial processes.

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