Exploring Odoo’s Features for Streamlined Business Management.

2 July 2024 by
Jeri Wambeek
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Are You Feeling Overwhelmed Managing Your Business Processes as a Business Owner or Manager? 

Do Menial Tasks Take Up Huge Chunks of Your Time?

Well, we've all been there and experienced the frustrations that come with disconnected systems and inefficient processes that seem to take forever.

As business owners and managers, we are constantly looking for growth — not just any growth — sustainable growth. A business's ability to scale and expand hinges on its efficiency, which comes from streamlined processes, optimised workflows and effective resource management.

The solution?

The solution? This is where a robust business management system becomes essential. You need a system that aligns perfectly with your unique workflows and requirements, acting as the backbone of your operations and laying a solid foundation for sustainable growth.

With the rapid evolution of technology, numerous systems promise to improve business management processes, including popular options like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics.

In our quest to help businesses in Australia harness the power of these cloud systems, we were constantly searching for the best solutions for ourselves and our clients. That’s when we discovered Odoo — a holistic business management cloud solution that truly impressed us.

Here’s What We Uncovered About 
Odoo’s Features

Imagine a set of business management apps easily accessible to your teams, helping them work more efficiently. Take advantage of streamlined processes, time savings, cost reductions, boosted efficiency, connected workflows and smooth data flow — all at no extra cost. 

Odoo ERP system features include enhanced processes, countless hours saved, cost reductions, increased efficiency, connected processes, and a smooth data flow, all at no extra cost.

Powered by a vibrant community of developers, users, and partners, Odoo continues to innovate and expand its features, disrupting the ERP industry with every new release it unveils.

Check out the 2023 Odoo experience and the launch of Odoo’s version 17 here.

What Features Make Odoo 
Stand Out?

  • Modular Structure 
    One of Odoo's features is the ability for users to select and integrate only the applications they need, reducing clutter and complexity.

  • User-friendly Interface
    Odoo’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for employees at all levels to navigate and utilise its features without extensive training.

  • Integration Capabilities 
    Through seamless integration between its various applications, Odoo ensures a smooth data flow across different departments, eliminating silos and streamlining operations.

  • Customisation Options 
    From workflows to reports, Odoo’s project management features offer extensive customisation options, allowing businesses to tailor the software to match their unique processes and requirements.

  • Scalability 
    Whether you're a small startup or a multinational corporation, Odoo scales effortlessly to accommodate your growing needs, making it a long-term solution for businesses of any size, from startups to multinational corporations.

  • Data Security 
    Odoo's security features safeguard sensitive information by protecting against cyber threats and allowing you to set up user access controls to manage who can access specific information.

  • Enhanced Speed 
    With improved caching mechanisms, loading a module in Odoo 17 takes only 2.8 seconds, making it 42% faster than the previous version. It also allows us to perform an operation in less than 90ms.  

What Processes Can Odoo Simplify?

Are you struggling with inventory overload, quality control, PLM, variant management, or regulatory compliance? Or perhaps you have trouble with CRM, supply chain management, lot or serial number tracking, or lack real-time data for decision making? Whatever the process, whatever the industry, Odoo has an app for almost every business process you want to automate or simplify.

Odoo offers many apps to help streamline your CRM, sales, accounting, HR management, manufacturing, marketing, project management, e-commerce, and more.

What’s more?

If the functionality you need isn't among Odoo’s native features, it most likely can be found on the Odoo App Store, which has over 20,000 apps. If not, chances are it can be added as a customisation or developed as a new app by an experienced Odoo developer. 

From an app stack with disconnected systems, a large number of spreadsheets, data inaccuracies, and bottlenecks, to a comprehensive business management tool that gives you the luxury of managing your entire business through a single platform and accessing your real-time data, Odoo does it all!

Not only do Odoo ERP system’s features work for businesses in any industry of any size, through Odoo v17, they introduced pre-built template setups for over 100 industries, making the switch to Odoo even better than before.

Understanding How Odoo’s 
Pricing Works

Odoo offers three primary pricing structures to accommodate various business needs: 

  • 'One App Free' plan — This allows unlimited users to use a single app for free, ideal for small tasks like CRM or project management. 
  • 'Standard'' Plan — This provides access to all Odoo apps without integrations or customisation options, suitable for businesses that need comprehensive features for specific tasks.
  • 'Custom' Plan — This includes all apps, supports integrations with other systems such as Shopify and Xero and allows for extensive customisations via the external API.

    To learn more about how these plans can fit your specific business needs, head on over to our article & video on Demystifying Odoo Pricing for Australian Customers.

 The Future Outlook of Odoo

As businesses continue to grow and embrace digital transformation, the demand for comprehensive business management solutions like Odoo is expected to rise. With its commitment to innovation, user-centric approach and vast community of developers and users, Odoo is well-positioned to remain a frontrunner in the industry. Moving forward, we can expect to see more advancements, integrations and localised features to further empower businesses to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Odoo stands as a testament to the power of innovation and adaptability in the realm of business management software. With its rich history, extensive features and promising future outlook, Odoo continues to redefine the way businesses operate, offering a holistic solution that drives efficiency, productivity and growth.

Want to give Odoo a try? Click below and enjoy a free 60-day Odoo trial with us and experience the power of business digitisation today! 

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