Optimising your Forecasting Process

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Are you wasting too many hours manually typing sales data into a forecasting spreadsheet every week?
Or have not had time to create the amazing forecasting Excel sheet you know you need? 
Or are you the business owner and still stuck doing the procurement because it feels like an impossible task to pass on to another team member? 

These are real problems that we at WAOConnect solve for people every day. 

Coming up on Wednesday, May 11th, Jeri Wambeek, Co-Founder of the WAO Group, will be delivering a value-packed 1-hour webinar on how to save you time and money and exact action steps on how to improve your forecasting, demand planning and stock replenishment processes. 

Jeri will be talking you through:

  • The importance of the forecasting process within the Stock Control Success© cycle 

  • The four essential data sources required for successful forecasting and replenishment calculations

  • Two different forecasting methods - based on recent sales trends and seasonality

  • How to calculate lead time and days of stock 

  • How to calculate sales velocity and what Sells Out In refers to 

  • Why minimum stock levels aren’t important when forecasting dynamically with the right tools 

  • How to manage production planning and procurement of raw materials 

  • How Inventory Planner works as our chosen system to optimise your forecasting and procurement processes

  • When Inventory Planner isn’t a good fit for your business

The WAOConnect team has been implementing, training and supporting clients to move to world-class cloud inventory management and accounting systems for over 7 years and now works with clients moving onto cloud ERP solutions like Odoo. Inventory Planner is used by clients that have two products and clients that have thousands of products. 

A software tool, like Inventory Planner, can save you so much time and give you peace of mind as your forecasts dynamically adjust to sales trends, warns you of overstock and reminds you in a daily email to make purchasing decisions before it’s too late. Often Inventory Planner has enabled our clients to pass on this task to another staff member (and finally get time on the golf green) or ensure that a business doesn’t have to hire someone just for this job. It’s that good. 

Join Jeri to understand how easy forecasting and your demand planning and replenishment processing can be. 

If you can’t join for the whole session or join live, please register anyway for the recorded version that will be loaded into the WAO Academy library of free resources for future reference. 


Jeri Wambeek


At just 13 years old, John DOE was already starting to develop his first business applications for customers. After mastering civil engineering, he founded TinyERP. This was the first phase of OpenERP which would later became Odoo, the most installed open-source business software worldwide.

Date & Time
10 May 2022
8:00 pm 9:00 pm Australia/Sydney

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