Managing Manufacturing for your Shopify Business

8 Manufacturing Improvements for Your Business

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What you will learn in this free webinar:

One of the biggest hurdles that you will face as a manufacturer selling on Shopify - once you crack the sales and marketing nut - is to keep making a great product (I’m talking quality) and making the right amount in the right time for what your customers need. 

If you feel like you are constantly putting out fires in your business and you need help to bring everything back into balance, this free webinar might just help you. 

Jeri Wambeek is an inventory management and cloud systems expert that has helped hundreds of businesses using Shopify globally manage their inventory better. Whether you manufacture yourself, have a growing team or contract manufacturing, the fundamentals are the same. Get these right, and you are one step closer to more sleep at night and less time at the computer or on the workshop floor. 

In this free webinar, Jeri will take you through the 8 important areas you need to learn more about and improve managing manufacturing for your Shopify business, including:

  • What is manufacturing

  • How to keep manufacturing simple 

  • The essential components of a manufacturing management system 

  • What kind of manufacturing system does your business need 

  • The most common problems faced by manufacturers using Shopify

  • Different manufacturing systems you can choose from 

  • The essential information you need to improve to manage your manufacturing better (no matter what system you use) 

  • Some tips on successfully implementing your improved manufacturing system

Yep! ALL of this in a FREE, live webinar!

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Date & Time
16 March 2022
6:00 am 7:00 am Australia/Sydney

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