Managing Inventory for your Shopify Business

Understanding the 10 focus areas for eCommerce stores to improve inventory management

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Sick of scrolling through the forums and searching the internet for someone to just tell you how to better manage your inventory for your Shopify business without all the ratios, acronyms and mumbo jumbo? 

There are a few topics in life where we just expected to know how to do it. They don’t teach us in school or university. Money management is one, inventory management is another. 

If you have become an AIM (Accidental Inventory Manager) and now you are juggling a growing Shopify business that you love, but inventory issues / fires / nightmares / (insert your word here), are keeping you up at night, this might just be the webinar for you. 

Jeri Wambeek is an inventory management and cloud systems expert that has helped hundreds of businesses using Shopify globally manage their inventory better. Whether you have your own warehouse or use a 3PL, she has done it all. 

In this free webinar, she will take you through the 10 areas you need to focus on and understand when looking to improve the inventory management for your Shopify business, including:

  • What’s the difference between inventory management, inventory control and stock control 

  • What is inventory management

  • Why you need inventory management at all

  • The most common causes for needing inventory management (when you got by without it in the past ok)

  • How to improve your customer experience by managing inventory better 

  • How to prevent overstocking and understocking 

  • How to prevent overselling

  • The most common “not-so-simple” processes to manage regarding your inventory 

  • Why managing your inventory in spreadsheets only gets you so far

  • How to manage inventory in Shopify

  • What Shopify inventory can’t do for you

  • When you need an inventory management system

  • How to calculate the true cost of an inventory management system for your business 

  • Some tips on how managing your inventory better can save you money and increase your sales!

 Yep! ALL of this in a FREE, live webinar!

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Date & Time
8 March 2022
8:00 pm 9:00 pm Australia/Sydney

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